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highgrade disharmonic orchestra

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In its 10 year history, Berlin label Highgrade has always been willing to experiment and now it heads in another new direction with the "Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra". Friends and fans of electronic dance music will be presented with something different and simplicity will be pushed aside for whatever the artists can imagine and create.

The "Hardware" for a Live event like this is clear. What will be exciting in this show is the "Software": Todd Bodine, Tom Clark, Philip Bader and Daniel Dreier aim to bundle their musical creativity and bring their audience closer to the Highgrade philosophy through the tracks they perform. In the foreground of Highgrade LIVE is the performance, pulsating rhythms will be the benchmark of quality.

This results has been presented on the 26th of June 2010 at Watergate. Very few locations could provide a better venue for the "Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra". The club, with its unique view over the river Spree, has been one of the places most important to the Highgrade family of artists over the last few years.

You could expect nothing less from this Berlin label, which has already enriched the club scene and the spectrum of electronic music in the city for 10 years through it's releases and events. Both individuality and creativity take center stage in the work of the musical front line. Highgrade has never worried about contraints of genre or convention.

The "Highgrade Disharmonic Ochestra" is a gift to the faithful entourage on the dance floor and is also the perfect proof that the label is always up for a surprise.

After three successful EP's they releases their first album "Multilayer" in September 2011.

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